problems with my 7300

Rex Fowler rmfowler at texrex.uucp
Thu Mar 21 11:34:27 AEST 1991

In article <637 at av8tr.UUCP> elliston at av8tr.UUCP (Keith Elliston) writes:
>I need some help diagnosing the problems with my UnixPC...
>I have had it crash a couple of times lately, and after resetting it 
>has always come back up.  I noticed that it seemed to crash when I moved the
>mouse, so I quit moving the mouse (I don't use UA).  This morning I came in,
>and it was crashed again, so I reset it, and got the following panic message:
>Panic trap vector 11
>type = 0xB, pid = 87, pc = 0x14C44, rps = 0x200E, p = 0x4A500
>GSR = DD00, BSR0 = FC43, BSR1 = 0, PHYSPF = 30
>D0 = FFFF, D1 = 1, D2 = 0, D3 = 70005
>D4 = FFFFFC43, D6 = DD00, D7 = 430000
>A0 = 1ED84, A1 = 1D87D, A2 = 1D82B, A3 = 49244
>A4 = 708B8, A5 = 3000, A6 = 70801, A7 = 2FFB84
>panic trap.
Boy, that looks familiar..

try shutting down the system and unplugging and replugging all of the 
keyboard connections (both ends) and the mouse.  

I struggled with a similar situation as you for 6 months.  I tried
everything possible to debug the problem.  A few times I even thought
I had fixed it but the crashes resumed shortly.

I tried:

1) boosting the power supply up a little
2) removing non-used loadable drivers
3) completely removing the mouse
4) re-arranging order of loadable drivers
5) reseating all of the socketed chips
6) blowing out dust-bunnies
7) many other minor suggestions from other unix-pc'ers
8) and now, unplugging & replugging in the keyboard at both ends while
   the machine is shutdown.

And the strangest thing is, almost everyone of these changes led me to 
believe that the problem was solved.  For instance, when I unplugged the 
mouse, my machine remained running for 7 days but then resumed the frequent
crashes.  When I removed an un-used loadable driver the system stayed up
for 3-4 days before the crashes resumed.  The funny thing is that after
everytime I though it was fixed, I posted an article telling everyone that
I had solved my problems.  Then I had to followup and tell everyone that I
was wrong once again.

So, after 17 days of uptime, I am relunctant to post this because I will
probably just jinx myself again.  Oh well, here it goes...

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