Getting rid of "disk almost full" message

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>Boo, hiss!!! If your good enough with adb to make that patch you could probably
>figure out how to do the "right" thing... lower the number to say 2MB left
>before getting that irritating icon.  Kinda defeats the purpose of a daemon
>process if you tell it to never wake up and tell you something.  Personally,
>I would be comfortable with 1 meg but others may feel differently.

	Does anyone know whether smgr checks for absolute space remaining,
or for a percentage of space remaining, as the warning in the /etc/profile

	I'd prefer a tunable absolute value, which was read from a file set
up by the user, defining the number of free blocks at which he would get the
warning.  It could do like cron, and check if the file has been modified
since last read, rather than re-reading at each check.  I know that edf
(which I use) gives a nicer report format, but if we have to have smgr
running, can't we have it reporting according to the limits WE want enforced?


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