more on the HFC saga

Bruce D. Becker bdb at becker.UUCP
Mon May 20 15:14:54 AEST 1991

In article <1991May18.140028.11062 at highspl> burris at highspl (David Burris) writes:
|Does anyone have the source code for the existing drivers? Also,
|does the HARDWARE support HFC on input? Or more simply, are both the
|RTS & CTS lines connected to the RS-232 and the UART? I'm
|considering "hacking" up a device driver that uses both input and
|output HFC. I simply CAN'T STAND not being able to use 19200 to talk
|to a modem that cost half as much as my 7300.

	I'm puzzled about your belief that HFC is
	a requirement for 19200 bps connections.
	This is certainly not the case as far as
	I can see. I've been using 19200 bps
	successfully for a long time without
	ever using HFC, as have many others.

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