is the unix-pc still in production

Jan Isley jan at bagend.uucp
Fri May 31 04:26:37 AEST 1991

In article <1991May28.211929.16855 at> scott at (Scott Campbell) writes:
>Do they still use the unix-pc for their pbx software?
Yes, the 3b1 is still used to control a phone system.

>Do they still make the unix-pc?
No, it has been officially discontinued for about 3 years now.

>Is the unix-pc still been shipped?
Yes, as a phone system but not as a computer.  In fact, about a year and
a half ago, I was involved in a deal to sell mass quantities of 3b1s and
various other stuff back to AT&T.  They discontinued the computer and
liquidated their inventory.  Then they got a huge order for the phone
system from a customer who was not inclined to take no for an answer.
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