Complete UNIX Development System w/tape drive & MS-DOS (INCREDIBLY CHEAP!!)

Lee Hounshell tlhouns at PacBell.COM
Sat May 11 03:08:18 AEST 1991

Ok, since I still haven't been able to sell my UNIX-PC complete, even at an
incredibly low price, I've decided to break it into parts, and sell it that
way.  Prices are unbeatable!!  This machine is priced to sell!!!  Make me
a reasonable offer.

AT&T UNIX-PC tape drive with controller and all software/manuals   - $400
AT&T MS-DOS card with all software/manuals, including WORD-STAR    - $200
AT&T UNIX-PC computer with UNIX 5.2 development system, with modem,
     2MEG RAM, 80 MEG Hard Disk, floppy, ports, & software/manuals - $400


The original ad follows:

	Complete Unix system WITH TAPE DRIVE and documentation
     at a very affordable price that can alco run MS-DOS programs

	o  AT&T 3B1 with 10MHz MC68010 CPU and 2.0 Megabytes of memory 
	o  80 Megabyte hard disk (formats to 67 MEG)
	o  AT&T tape drive
	o  AT&T UNIX System V.2 Operating System (3.51)
	   -  Complete documentation with a shelf load of manuals
	   -  Foundation and developers set
	   -  Technical reference (service) manual with schematics
	   -  Loads of software including INFORMIX, MGR, HDB UUCP, etc. 
	o  DOS-73 co-processor card with MS-DOS
	o  One serial port with cable
	o  One parallel port
	o  Built-in modem and 5 1/2" floppy drive
	o  Compact desktop unit with built-in green monitor and mouse
	o  System is immaculate and will be delivered in original cartons
	o  $950/bo for all of the above plus shipping (or free delivery
	   in S.F. Bay Area)

	The 3B1 is a great computer for someone who would like a full blown
	windowing Unix system for their home or office at an affordable price.
	This would also make an ideal system for a student in an 
	undergraduate or graduate Computer Science program.  The operating 
	system does not suffer from the same limitations as Xenix does on 
	an AT compatible system because of the 32 bit architecture of its 
	MC68010 CPU in combination with a real demand paged memory management
	unit (MMU).  

	This system does have a co-processor card with an Intel 8086 and
	MS-DOS so most programs meant for the IBM PC can be run on it.

	I'm selling because I now have a Sun SPARCstation to play with.
	Lee Hounshell		Evening Ph#   	(415) 735-8589
				Daytime Ph# 	(415) 823-2432
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