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In article <1991May25.062742.22291 at fithp> mhw at fithp (Marc Weinstein) writes:
>From article <1991May23.003857.8878 at blilly.UUCP>, by bruce at balilly (Bruce Lilly):
>> OK (remember, this is speculation, not hard facts): According to the
>> Device Driver Development Guide, the last driver to be installed has its
>> interrupt service routine(s) placed at the beginning of the interrupt
>> "chain".
>How do you reorder the devices drivers in the chain?

To set the order of loadable device drivers on bootup, simply edit
/etc/lddrv/drivers, placing the driver names in the desired order. To do
it without rebooting, you'll have to manually run /etc/lddrv/lddrv to
remove the drivers, then reload them. Consult TFM for details.

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