Two questions about the 3b1

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Thu May 30 02:29:44 AEST 1991

In article <10144 at idunno.Princeton.EDU> yong at (Young Rene) writes:
>-Don't count on it!
>-	X-Windows is great if you have MIPS and RAM and disk capacity to 
>-spare.  According to a recent Unix Week artical (13 May, 1991 p55) the 
>-minimum functional X-Windows system needs 4MIPS.  We get about 1MIPS out 
>-of the well loved 3b1.  It goes on the say that a networked X-Manager needs
>-approximately "1/2 to 1 gigabyte of additional fileserver diskspace..." for
>-swapping.  Call me kooky, but the 67meg 3b1 limit looks a bit puny in 
>-comparison.  To top it all off, the stated RAM requirements look to be about
>-16meg for X11R4.
>-	What I suppose this all amounts to is that the 3b1 was never intended
>-to run X-Windows, nor was X-Windows written in anticipation of use on a 3b1.
>-						Later...
>-						Fritz
>	Well, I know it is very hard to make X working on 3b1, but maybe
>I am missing something here. On the Macintosh, the MacX application is
>about 1-2 Meg, and it runs on a MacII with 2M (barely though). Huge programs
>like mathematica also runs fine on a MacII, the application even fit in
>a 720K floppy. It is still hard for me to believe 4M/67M is not enough to
>run X ...

Not exactly true.  One correction to my own post, the magazine was "Unix
Today" not "Unix Week".

	The origional poster (whose name I no longer can recall, sorry) asked
about 3b1 X-Server aplications (ie a windows manager etc...).  The responce
I posted was a reaction to this.  

	I have used MacX on our computers here at 'SC, but you must remember
that MacX runs the X-App on the _Unix_ box and just gives the graphics output
on the Macs screen.  In this case your 1-2MB on disk and 2MB RAM are completely
slaved to supporting monochrome graphics SLOWLY.  Not the best solution.

	Perhaps some way of doing something similar on the  3b1 could be
concidered.  Remember, though, that the 3b1 monitor is not huge (720x350ish).
Recomended screen size for an X terminal is 1 megapixel.  Might be an 
interesting project though...


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