unix-pc rmgroup due next week

John Opalko, N7KBT jgo at mcgp1.UUCP
Tue May 21 05:00:51 AEST 1991

In article <1991May16.053820.26650 at chance.UUCP> john at chance.UUCP (John R. MacMillan) writes:
|>It is counterproductive to the goals and intents of the users of these 
|>groups that you, Mr. Becker, unilateraly decide (for no apparently good
|>reason, by your admission) to throw a spanner in the work. RMGROUP THEM
|I hate to sound like a shit-disturber, but don't forget, in spite of
|voting guidelines and all that, Usenet is essentially an anarchy, and
|if Bruce doesn't want to honour the rmgroup, well, so what?  That's
|his prerogative as a sysadmin, and it doesn't ``throw a spanner in the
|works'', unless a lot of people feel like he does, in which case the
|group might as well be kept around for those people.

Mr. Becker is free to keep whatever groups he wishes on his machine.  I just
hope he doesn't reply to every rmgroup message with a newgroup, as he is
(in)famous for doing in the alt hierarchy.

The rmgroup will be honored, and the groups aliased, here and on n7kbt.

			John Opalko
			jgo at mcgp1.uucp     (work)
			john at n7kbt.wa.com  (home)

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