Sorta for sale

Steven J. McDowall sjm at
Wed May 15 13:45:04 AEST 1991

So far so good...BTW, the 87' Sterling is no longer for
sale ..So no more calls please!!

However, I haven't seen too much luck with 3B1
(Unix PC/7300)..I just saw someone in 
comp.sys.3b1 post a forsale for $925 so I don't
think I'm too far wrong for asking $1000 ..But I
am willing to negotiate !!   It has 2Mb, and the 67Mb disk
and already loaded with news B. (Okay okay, its not C news
but B runs pretty good on a 3b1)...

If your out of state from MN, I'll even through in
shipping via UPS.

If your interested just drop me a call at either
(612) 621-4812  or  (612) 427-5165...

Steven J. McDowall				Net: sjm at
McDowall Computer Associates, Ltd.		ATT: (612) 621-4812

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