Problems with ISAM routines

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Wed May 1 11:51:18 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr30.200606.1386 at> krohn at writes:
>In article <1991Apr22.212151.4564 at>, wagner at (Paul J. Wagner) writes:
>|> The problem is that some of the ISAM routines are not being found....  

>It sounds like the ISAM library was compiled on a pre-3.5 Development Set.
... < thus truncating all symbol names to 8 characters > ...

This was indeed my problem, as several folks kindly pointed out.  Thanks
to everyone who took the time to respond - this group rates high on the
helpfulness scale.

>I think the 3.5 ld command has a -T option to truncate the names, giving
>you backward compatibility with old libraries.

This was the most popular suggestion for a solution (I've tried this and
it does indeed work for my application), though *all* symbol names are

Kris Kugel suggested that the -G flag is even better, as the loader
re-searches the modules for the unresolved symbols, after truncating *only*
those unresolved symbols (making it less likely that you'll get a symbol
name conflict due to having multiple symbols starting with the same 8
characters).  Makes sense to me...

thanks again for all suggestions/solutions,

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