(*SIGH*) 3b1 monitor question.

Paul Chapman chapman at ug.cs.dal.ca
Wed May 22 01:44:18 AEST 1991

	Coincidentally, I've been having problems with my monitor.  I don't
know if this is the "nonlinear" thing, since I don't have a clear picture in
my head of exactly what the symptoms of this are.  The picture on my monitor
sort of jitters and twitches, so when you're looking at a word it suddenly
jumps a bit.  Very annoying.  It makes you think that it's your eyes that
are jumping around.

	Off the top of my head and not knowing anything about video, I would
make a tentative guess that it is a power supply problem.  I haven't checked
it out with a scope yet since that means I would have to drag the computer
in to work (I don't have the proper equipment at home).

	Is there anyone who has experienced this before?  If so, what did it
turn out to be?

- Paul (chapman at ug.cs.dal.ca)

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