help wrt UUCP between 3B1 OBM and TB

Dave Snyder dave at
Mon May 6 03:33:45 AEST 1991

In article <1991May4.210605.28387 at sceard.Sceard.COM>, mrm at sceard.Sceard.COM (M.R.Murphy) writes:
> I've a friend with a 3B1 using OBM to attempt UUCP connection
> to two systems, each with a TB (one TB+, one 2500). The TB+
> system is HDB, locked interface speed 9600baud, hardware flow
> control. The TB2500 is HDB, locked interface speed 19.2Kbaud,
> hardware flow control. The TB systems talk fine with systems
> with 1200baud external Hayes clones, as well as with various
> 2400baud, 9600baud V.32, and PEP sites, and with each other. The
> 3B1 will not successfully complete a UUCP session with either TB
> system. A representative log entry from one of the TB sites is:
Interesting how this keeps coming up.  I must confess, I asked the same
question about six months ago.  Anyway, the bottom line is... the OBM on a
3B1 will not connect to a Telebit if the modem is using locked interface
speeds.  The only way for an OBM to connect to a Telebit is to have the
Telebit allow auto-bauding.  I remember hearing of someone that rewrote
getty (or was it uugetty?).  I'm pretty sure that this getty (or whatever)
solved the problem with out auto-bauding.


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