sc availability (was Re: sc dumps core with cursor keys on 3b1)

Marco S Hyman marc at
Mon May 6 14:29:17 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr29.101017.12782 at> jik at
(Jonathan I. Kamens) writes:

 [[quoting from an sc availability notice]]

 > 2) (UUCP) marc at (Marco S Hyman)
 >     dumbcat Any ACU 9600 14157850194 "" \d\r in:--in: nuucp word: guest
 >     dumbcat Any ACU 2400 14157850194 "" \d\r in:-BREAK-in: nuucp word: guest
 >     dumbcat Any ACU 1200 14157850194 "" \d\r in:-BREAK-in:-BREAK-in: nuucp word: guest
 >   Note: dumbcat speaks 9600 at V.32 -- sorry, this is not a Telebit modem.
 >   (Grab dumbcat!~/INDEX for a complete list)

Couple of things.  The version on dumbcat is 6.10.  I haven't been able to get
6.14 from sawmill (where it lives) the past few days.  When I do I'll post
it's availability.  Also, dumbcat now speaks PEP with a T2500.  Login info is

   dumbcat Any ACU 19200 14157850194 "" \d\r in:--in: nuucp word: guest

415 is SF Bay Area for those who don't know.  Grab the file ~/INDEX to see
what's available (not much, actually).

 > 3) or from here: (a brand new Telebit T2500)
 >     sawmill Any ACU 9600 13174746472 "" \d\r in:--in: nuucp word: UUCP
 > 	Request: uucp sawmill!~/sc614.cpio.Z !~ (142986 bytes)

As of today sawmill says that file isn't available.  I've notified the
maintainer (not Jonathan Kamens :-) via email.  This is sc's home so anything
is possible.

// marc
// home: marc at		pacbell!dumbcat!marc
// work: marc at		uunet!aria!marc

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