Plan 9

Norman Yarvin yarvin-norman at
Mon May 20 09:27:55 AEST 1991

templon at (jeffrey templon) writes:
>Speaking of which, what is PLAN 9 (other than the original Unix guys'
>next unix.)

It is an operating system designed to work well with networks.  Other than
that: well, it's got some extremely nice stuff.

>  Where can I get more info about it?

ftp doc/ from  This is a PostScript file.  They
ask that you not ftp during high-use hours.

>  Why does noone
>on this group talk about getting a Plan 9 port to the 3b1 instead
>of a Mach port or minix port or whatever.
>Would like any info about Plan 9.  Also, what machines are now running
>it and who sells them.

It is running on machines at Bell Labs.  The distribution policy is, from
what I have heard, the same as that for V8, V9, and V10 Unix, i.e.  "You
can't have it."  A pity.  Especially since it is so easy to port (they
mention one port as being done in 19 hours).

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