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On <Wed, 29 May 91> at about <03:08>, UUCP (sleejy at cc.curtin.edu.au) says:

 U> Ive had an interest in the 3b1 since I saw it being FireSaled in
 U> Unix world. I live in Australia and have found someone who's selling one. 
 U> I have a few questions as I not sure whether to buy one,

I just got one myself, and am looking forward to the answers to your questions!  
I think I can answer some...<GRIN>

 U>         (1) Can the 3b1 support 3*9600 baud Terminals ?

I would imagine so, with the expansion boards for more ports.

 U>         (3) How far can you expand the 3b1's memory?

I think that is 4MB...2 already in it.

 U>         (4) Are there 68020/68030 accelerators available...has anybody
 U>         tried hacking an Amiga 020 accelorator to work?

That would be something!  An idea!

 U>         (6) Is this machine good for learning UNIX?

Fun for me learning it anyway!  I am also hacking away on a Sun SparcStation 
(not as fun)  <GRIN> and running terminal sessions off of a LARGE Sun up in Palo 
Alto.  The 3B/1 is MINE and I can do whatever I want to it. <G>

Let me know if you find out anything!


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