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 RIT's School of Computer Science and Information Technology is selling AT&T
3B1 computers until they are gone to make room for new equipment!

The system has a green monochrome screen, 2mb memory, 40mb hard disk, 5.25"
floppy drive and much more...

The software includes a telephone manager, UNIXtm operating system, C compiler,
asychronous terminal emulator and much more...

The price is $700.00 for everything!

Right now, while supplies last we are throwing in a DOS board and software, so
hurry if you want one!
optional boards available in limited quantities include:

voice/answering machine board $275.00
ethernet board $300.00
serial port/expansion RAM board $75.00 (some units only)

If you want more information, or want to see/purchase one please call
Bill at 716-475-2321 or send mail to bill at cs.rit.edu or wgeics (on the vax)

William G. Eign
bill at cs.rit.edu

and there was much rejoicing...yeah.  
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