FYI: "FSF work on a GNU OS" posted to comp.arch

John Macdonald jmm at eci386.uucp
Mon May 13 23:54:11 AEST 1991

In article <75230 at brunix.UUCP> cgy at (Curtis Yarvin) writes:
|In article <110 at> Mariusz at (Mariusz Stanczak) writes:
|>The microkernel idea is just few years old(new), 
|The idea is about ten years old.

Actually, the *idea* is more than 2 decades old.  A commercial
implementation of this particular idea has been available
since the late 60's (you may have heard of the company that
developed it, they're still around, still selling the virtual
operating system, and they're blue).  We can probably assume
that the idea predates this point in time at least.

I restrained myself from quoting Curtis' comment about missing
a decimal point - he isn't quite that far out.
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