Beta Test Version of Software has Unix PC/3b1 TAM Implementation

Ted A. Campbell tcamp at
Fri May 24 09:40:20 AEST 1991

Users of the AT&T Unix PC/3b1 may find the notice below of
interest because I have spent some time implementing the 
software on the 3b1. The implementation utilizes the TAM
and wrastop() libraries, and implements a good deal of the 
functionality of the VDI interface. The system includes a user
interface (ui) with menus, windows, slider bars and elevators,
icon-based file selection, and the like. There is also a rather
brain-dead MGR implementation, and MGR gurus out there may be 
able to work some magic on it. See the notice for further

This offers us (users of the 3b1) with a potential platform for
developing graphics-based programs for PCs and X-based Unix
systems concurrently.

Beta Testers Solicited for Space Flight Simulation Software

Bywater Software will soon release source code and PC-compatible
binaries for its Space Flight Simulator, and seeks persons 
interested in beta testing the software. 

The Space Flight Simulator utilizes graphics-based animation
to depict orbital flight. With map data on the earth (and more
limited data on other orbital foci), it can depict in real time 
how the orbital focus appears from the spacecraft, and can
display simultaneously a ground track of the orbit or a "distant
perspective" showing the orbit around the focus. The program
can track up to sixteen orbits or spacecraft simultaneously.

Version 1.00 (beta) is available for testing. Users should
apply to the address below indicating their interest in testing
the software, and stating that they don't intend to distribute
this version. (We anticipate that a version 1.01 will be ready
for full release in a couple of months, and will be available
on a more or less "freeware" basis.) Beta testers, it should be
noted, will need to have ftp access to obtain the program.

PC compatible binaries for the program are available. Implemen-
tations for Unix-based machines are available for the X windows
system, and for the AT&T 3b1/Unix PC. Those interested in
implementing the software on other computers will be able
to work with specification files for the graphics (and mouse),
keyboard, and directory subsystems.

The Space Flight Simulator is based on the Bywater graphical
user interface (ui). Some testers may be interested in working
simply with the user interface, since it promises a fairly
transparent means of developing graphics-based programs for
PC and X based platforms (and the 3b1) simultaneously.

Direct applications to:		tcamp at

				Ted A. Campbell
				Bywater Software

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