assembling with gas

Rex Fowler rmfowler at texrex.uucp
Sat May 4 14:03:36 AEST 1991

How do I tell the GNU assembler (gas) to assemble 68010 code?
I thought that I knew at one time but I can't get anything to
work now.  I got the binary from OSU and I don't seem to have
any docs.

What I'm wanting to do is see if gas is able to assemble teval.s
from the perl distribution.  eval.c compiled fine but the 
tainted version (teval.c) won't (ie. Branch offset too remote)

If you've ever tried to compile perl, you know what I'm talking about.
perl 3.0 pl44 wasn't much problem but 4.0 has got me stumped.

I'm hoping that gas will allow larger branch offsets than the stock 

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