Installing TEAC 3.5 floppy

Van Cleef Henry H vancleef at
Sun May 26 09:13:09 AEST 1991

I just picked up a TEAC 3.5 floppy with the numbers FD-235F and 112-U
and a "p/n 19307321-12" on the nameplate.  In the FAQ answers from OSU
it mentions setting jumpers, but does not describe which jumpers need to
be set.  There is a set of Berg jumpers next to the power connector. How
should these be configured for the 3b1.  The 3.5/5.25 adapter comes with
a conversion connector for the floppy cable that also has a Berg jumper
set that referes to setting this for "ST: pin 34 on" and "OP: pin 34
off."  I would like to know the correct settings before opening up the

My machine is a (late) 3b1, 2meg/40meg, running o/s and dev/sys 3.51
(not yet patched to 3.51m).

Hank van Cleef  
vancleef at	Iowa State University, Ames. Ia.
tmn!vancleef		The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Oh.

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