Help Needed: man and File transfers

Joseph V Schwarz jschwarz at
Wed May 22 04:32:33 AEST 1991

Being a relatively new 3b1 user, I would appreciate anyone who could
help me on the following:

1) I have managed to install and compile several programs from the
osu archives, but I cannot figure out where to put the 'man' files.
man keeps reporting 'no input file'. 

2) I am trying to transfer files directly from the unix system at
school to my 3b1, and I can transfer files using cu's take, but it
only seems to work on text files, not compressed or binary files. I
cannot make heads or tales of how to use UUCP. Is there a text file
that would explain how to go about making the connections?

I have a Hayes-compatible modem (2400baud) on tty000, and when I
try to call again after hanging up, the computer cannot find the modem;
I can't remember the actual error message. Anyone got ideas on this one.

FYI - my system is set up as follows (I am not sure if you need to know
this, but it never hurts!)

3b1, 2 MB RAM, 67Meg HD, OS 3.51, stock UUCP, although I have HDB UUCP,
I haven't installed it yet, GVC 2400 Modem on tty000, straight thru
cable, pins 1-7 and 20. As far as I can tell this is how the modem 
should be set up. 

Thanks for any help!

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