help wrt UUCP between 3B1 OBM and TB

John Macdonald jmm at eci386.uucp
Fri May 10 01:33:10 AEST 1991

In article <1473 at> clewis at (Chris Lewis) writes:
|The phfix program I just posted solved Mike's friend's problem - I just
|got e-mail from him thanking me for it.  [ ... ]

It solved my problem too.  I connect regularily now to a T2500
locked in at 19.2K baud.  I just had to comment out the part
that was trying to switch to tone dial - I'm too cheap to pay
Bell extra money to provide a service that costs them less than
the default :-).

|              [ ... ]  About 6 months ago someone posted something about a OBM
|utility that he was writing but hadn't finished and mentioned the PIOCOVSPD ioctl
|in passing, which is where I got the idea to try it.  Thank you whoever you

It was Emmet P. Gray (egray at fthood, unless that address is out of date),
author of pcomm.  I, too, thank you Emmet.

|Phfix was written without docs (so I had to guess at the invocations) to
|solve the TB problem as well as for some reason the builtin software could
|no longer set the modem to tone dial.  It could use some cleanup by someone
|who knows the right ioctl invocations.  On my system I've installed the
|invocation of phfix in the /etc/rc near the end.  It seems to work
|"permanently" - ie: it only has to be invoked once on boot.

Same here.

|However, I seem to remember someone telling me that phfix will not work
|with HDB UUCP on the 3b1 because HDB clobbers the setting each time it

I've not had that happen.  It does not seem to get lost for me.
I am running HDB on a 3.5 system (soon to be 3.51m, but not yet).
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