perl4.003 and ndbm

Tom Tkacik tkacik at
Wed May 8 12:43:08 AEST 1991

I just compiled perl 4.003 on an AT&T 3b1.  Not the world's biggest
machine, but it does the job.  It failed on test, op/dbm.t.
Here's what I get when I run  ./perl t/op/dbm.t.

ok 1
ok 2
Out of memory!

>From looking at t/op/dbm.t, it does not appear that the test should use
that much memory.  Does this test really use that much memory,
or is something wrong?

Do I need to do anything special when compiling perl on a 3b1?

Now the 3b1 does not come with -lndbm, but that didn't stop me.
I just grabbed Ozan Yigit's sdbm package, and used that.
I compiled most of perl with gcc, (falling back to cc for eval.c and toke.c).
Gcc tends to run out of virtual memory, (there's that 2.5Meg limit again).
I did not use perl's malloc, (should I have?)
And I used the shared libraries, (maybe I should not have).

Any ideas?
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