Problems adding second hard disk

Charles Anderson caa at
Fri May 31 09:29:40 AEST 1991

A frien and I have been trying to add a second hard drive to my 3b1 without
much success.  It's a wren II 86meg drive (72 meg formatted).  We constructed
the ICUS board, and plugged it in, and when we try to format the drive it
doesn't even access it.  We originally had problems with the cable coming
off of the ICUS board going to the HD since the pinouts for the connector
aren't listed in the instructions...but I think we got it corrected...

Anyway I tried moving the drive select jumper because we didn't have the
drive manual at hand and didn't know which position was for drive 1.
when I got to the far end of the jumper block (position 7 I think) it
formatted my internal drive (I was not happy).  My friend tried formatting
the drive on his PC and that worked so the drive is good.  Anybody have
any ideas...I got the plans for the ICUS board years ago, does anyone have
a better board?  maybe one with a PC friend did my board with
wire wrap thats soldered on but I'd feel better with a real PC board.

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