(*SIGH*) 3b1 monitor question.

Donald Lashomb donlash at uncle.uucp
Wed May 22 10:54:02 AEST 1991

In article <1991May21.154418.1312 at cs.dal.ca> chapman at ug.cs.dal.ca (Paul Chapman) writes:
=	Coincidentally, I've been having problems with my monitor.  I don't
=know if this is the "nonlinear" thing, since I don't have a clear picture in
=my head of exactly what the symptoms of this are.  The picture on my monitor
=sort of jitters and twitches, so when you're looking at a word it suddenly
=jumps a bit.  Very annoying.  It makes you think that it's your eyes that
=are jumping around.
=	Off the top of my head and not knowing anything about video, I would
=make a tentative guess that it is a power supply problem.  I haven't checked
=it out with a scope yet since that means I would have to drag the computer
=in to work (I don't have the proper equipment at home).
=	Is there anyone who has experienced this before?  If so, what did it
=turn out to be?
=- Paul (chapman at ug.cs.dal.ca)

I've had this problem with both my machines.  Also a freind has had this
happen to him also.  In all three cases, the problem was dirty connectors.
All I did to fix it was open up the back of the monitor case (with the
power off, natch) and wiggle, unplug and re-connect every connector I
could find.

It worked for me, maybe it'll work for you.  In any case it don't cost
much to try it.

-Don		donlash at uncle.UUCP

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