DOS-73 Card For Sale

Bob Barker barker at wd0gol.WD0GOL.MN.ORG
Mon May 13 16:55:49 AEST 1991

For Sale:

        DOS-73 Co-processor card for the Unix PC                   $200

The card is for all intents and purposes new.  It was used only briefly
on a short project where it performed perfectly.

The card comes in the original box with all manuals (none have even been
opened) and all diskettes (still sealed in their diskette box).

For those not familiar with the DOS-73, it is a card that lets you run
DOS on your Unix PC 7300 or 3b1.  It has an 8086, memory, a socket for
an 8087 math co-processor and a serial port which can be used by DOS
applications as COM2.

The card is priced to sell at $200 - you pay shipping.
The first $200 takes it.

For info, the fastest way to reach me is at the phone number in my
.signature or you can email me.

Bob Barker                                 ...!uunet!jhereg!tcnet!wd0gol!barker
Robert Barker & Associates                                 barker at wd0gol.MN.ORG
(612) 934-2136

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