Replacement for wind.o

Boyd Ostroff ostroff at Oswego.EDU
Sat May 4 08:59:15 AEST 1991

I wrote:
>> Personally, I would *love* to just see a wind.o replacement that allows
>> access to the bottom 4 lines of the screen (as someone else suggested).

And dwex at (david.e.wexelblat) writes:
>Well, you won't get it from me! :-> (anyone else remember "The Prisoner"?)
>I have no intention of re-engineering the complete wind.o.

I guess without source it's pretty tough, but it seems that there must
only be a couple bytes somewhere that have to be changed to accomplish this.
I (and probably others) just want the ability to use the same ugly windows
ANYWHERE on the screen, without a useless no-mans-land at the bottom!  I guess
I need to learn how to do some serious hacking with adb...

>No windows, no icons, no menus, no pointers!  If I want a WIMP, I'll
>go see my MGR (can I say that :-?).

I wrote a little package called "wlogin" a couple years ago which just gives
you simple, overlapping 24x80 text windows in a tiny font.  It doesn't need
wmgr, smgr, ua or anything and compiles to only a couple KB.  If anyone is
interested, I can (re)post it.  MGR sounds neat, but I'm reluctant to hack at 
my hardware and I would be happy with what I've got if I could just get at
those bottom 4 lines!

If I want icons, menus and all that stuff, I'll use my Mac IIcx :-)

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