info on upgrades for 3b1/7300?

guy.r.berentsen guy at
Thu May 9 09:16:11 AEST 1991

In article <291 at hawkeye.UUCP>, mps at hawkeye.UUCP (Michael Snyder) writes:
> I seem to remember that the posting that I'm looking for is posted about every
> six months or so, and included info on the famous "HD2" upgrade (for getting
> two of these darling ST-251-1's on my system - don't gasp... the one i have has
> worked wonderfully SO FAR :-| ).
Speaking of drive upgrade, my 5 year old 40 meg just died at work and
I put a Seagate Swift (ST1100) in. (used to be CDC swift)

3.5 inch 1/2 hight with 9 heads 1072 cylinders 
15ms ave seek and 150,000 hrs MTBF, 
this is a sweet drive for this machine!

Is this drive still made by the same CDC plant only now with a new lable?
(mine had the CDC part number on it.)

Now that I'm getting spoiled at work does anyone happen to know what 
the best publicly available price for this drive is? 

Anyone ever try mounting two 3.5" hard drives and a 3.5 inch floppy inside the
7300? (160 meg without and expansion box or the bump top!)

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