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Sun May 19 05:10:09 AEST 1991

in article <4111 at jethro.Corp.Sun.COM>, gak at gakbox.Corp.Sun.COM (Richard Stueven) says:

... some source code ...

>  *  NAME:  nbs_time - set system clock to National Bureau of Standards Time.
>     tm = localtime(&cur_time);  /* convert time to local time */
>     (void)syslocal(SYSL_WRTRTC, &rtc);  /* write to RTC */

To make this run on the Convergent 'S/Series' CTIX, change localtime() to
gmtime(), and WRTRC to WRTC.

I also point my SIGALARM at disc_nbs, but that is trivial.
The check_tz routine needs to be different, although if $TZ is set, it
doesn't matter.

I also have a routine to write the RTC on the Convergent SPC / 
Unisys U6000 (low end), which I might post soon as part of my 
net-synchronization routine for non-ntp sites.

Clarence A Dold - dold at tsmiti.Convergent.COM

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