Help with tty000 needed

Brent Burton n138ct at
Thu May 9 03:32:04 AEST 1991

In article <1991May8.012322.29721 at> vancleef at (Van Cleef Henry H) writes:
> I have a new old stock 3b1 with Unix 3.0 that I am setting up.  I can't
>do a login from a terminal connected to /dev/tty000. I get the login
>prompt, type an account name and return, and I can hear the 3b1 disk
>churn as though it is trying to put up the password: prompt, but nothing
>appears on the terminal screen.  I have tried killing processes to ...

  Aha!  Another person with the exact same problem.  BTW, I was using 3.51.

  Here's the fix:  check your serial cable.  I was using a generic Macintosh-
modem cable.  However, this particular cable didn't carry one line (I forgot)
and some others were not connected correctly.

  Check the numerous postings here in the past about the serial port hook-

  Once I made a new serial cable for the unixpc-mac connection, it works

  Say, MGR on my macintosh is interesting with the programs running on
the 7300.. 

Brent Burton
  n138ct at

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