Failure of iswind()

Jeffrey L Bromberger jeffrey at
Sat May 25 06:32:38 AEST 1991

Just for fun, I tried the following command from my VAX to my
ethernet'ted 3b1:

% rsh notvax /usr/games/klondike

Now, considering the fact that I'm not logged in on the console, this
should fail.  This game, like many others, use iswind() to see if I'm
on the bitmapped screen.  The logic should stop me if I'm not.
But, it doesn't!  It overwrites the console display (without regard as
to what or who is going on) with the game screen!

Any idea why all these games (klondike/mahjongg/rocks/bugs) all have
this behavior?  Is it only seen when using the ethernet package?  Does
this happen if someone dials in via the OBM?  Is iswind() just plain

Isn't this some bizarre sort of security hole?!?

Jeffrey L. Bromberger
System Operator---City College of New York---Science Computing Facility
jeffrey at			jeffrey at ccnysci.BITNET

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