v42bis 2400baud at 960cps throughput!!!

Steve Urich beyo at beyonet.UUCP
Mon May 20 12:20:15 AEST 1991

In article <1991May18.180655.2944 at fithp>, mhw at fithp (Marc Weinstein) writes:
> From article <159 at beyonet.UUCP>, by beyo at beyonet.UUCP (Steve Urich):

> >
> > 	His throughput jumped from an approx avg. 200-226 to 317-960cps.
> Jeez - that's a hell of a compresion ratio.  You sure you're seeing
> this kind of compression?
	<*> Yes, the rate is accurate. Whats also funny is the shorter
	    the file the faster the rate in HDB xferstats become. Because
	    of the calc. it makes. The control files are really strange,
	    sometimes 9000bytes/sec :-))).

> demonstrated this kind of throughput sending, say, files of at least 50KB
> in size?
	<*> Yes, and larger. Using v42bis compressed, even compressed files
	    come over faster then using 'g' without compression.

> > 	To enter the change to the protocol you must add ',eg' to the
> > 	end of the Devices prefix: 
> > 
> > 	ACUM24,eg     tty000 
> I've never seen an entry with both protocols specified here.  I'm not sure
> what that means - sending vs receiving??  We just would use 'ACUM24,e'.

	<*> ',eg' is used (Thanks to Bruce!) to try 'e' protocol first. IF
	    The host site doesn't have 'e' then it will still use 'g'. If
	    you just use ',e' then it looks for 'e' only. 

						Steve  WB3FTP
				wells!beyonet!beyo at dsinc.dsi.com

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