Update - trying to get HFC to work at 19200

Bruce D. Becker bdb at becker.UUCP
Mon May 13 01:17:02 AEST 1991

In article <52686 at rphroy.UUCP> rhaar at gmr.com writes:
|In article <1991May7.204341.15825 at oswego.oswego.edu>, ostroff at Oswego.EDU
|(Boyd Ostroff) writes:
||> In article <GUEST.91May6143614 at geech.ai.mit.edu>
|guest at geech.ai.mit.edu (Guest Account) writes:
||> >In article <1991May6.021315.25208 at fithp> mhw at fithp (Marc Weinstein) writes:
||> >   something whicici
||> >   buffer.  Rave revi f f vo208 (t (t ine ine ipesT
||> >   tl aldecallng ng nag2bienne).'Impouldouldo at fi1m1m1
||> >
||> >What?  I don't understand this language.  The only two languages I
||> >know are english and pig latin.  Can we have a translation?
||> I think it says "this is a sample of how well the 3B1 serial ports
||> work at 19200 baud with hardware flow control."  :-)
|To me, it looks like the original author was confusing the backspace
|character with the rubout.

	The type of junk you're seeing is most
	likely the result of a damaged compressed
	file. This sometimes happens on a full
	system when blocks run out while the
	batcher is compressing an outgoing news
	batch. The compresed batch is therefore
	missing some blocks, so upon decompression
	not all of the tokens are available to
	correctly decode the data past the point
	of the missing blocks.

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