Where are these old articles coming from?

Boyd Ostroff ostroff at Oswego.EDU
Sun May 5 09:26:13 AEST 1991

I logged in today and saw LOTS of news in comp.sys.3b1 (85 articles) and
started reading, but kept getting this sense of deja vu.... There are some
real old articles bouncing around here - what gives?  I'm sure there are
others, but here are some headers from a few:

Newsgroups: unix-pc.general,comp.sys.3b1
Subject: login in the unix-pc
Keywords: passwd login
Message-ID: <1991Jan30.181936.26884 at cbnewsl.att.com>
Date: 30 Jan 91 18:19:36 GMT

>From: gil at limbic.ssdl.com (Gil Kloepfer Jr.)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.3b1
Subject: Dr. [Mike] Shea's net experiment [was: Re: Re:Thad's email address]
Summary: Did anyone else see this?
Keywords: Dr Shea
Message-ID: <1991Feb6.175014.3949 at limbic.ssdl.com>
Date: 6 Feb 91 17:50:14 GMT

>From: thad at cup.portal.com (Thad P Floryan)
Newsgroups: news.admin,comp.sys.att,comp.sys.3b1
Subject: Re: New 3b1 newsgroups
Message-ID: <38656 at cup.portal.com>
Date: 30 Jan 91 12:20:04 GMT

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