What is ATT UNIX PC?

Jim Mercer merce at iguana.uucp
Wed May 22 13:43:07 AEST 1991

In article <1991May21.123432.1630 at hq.demos.su> sir at hq.demos.su (Sergey Ryzhkov) writes:
>Are there anybody knows what is a computer ATT UNIX PC?
>Some ammount of this computers appears in Moscow (USSR) now,
>and nobody knows what is it. Off cause, there is some ammount of
>documentations, but it is not for programmers...
>As far as I can understand this computer prodused (or designed)
>in 1985. Is it usable anywhere in the world now?
>I am not regulary news reader, so if it is not hard for you
>answer me to my address sir at hq.demos.su or sir at s514.ipmce.su.

the AT&T unix PC is a 68010 based sys V (variant) unix box.

for more info, please refer to comp.sys.3b1

(the Unix PC is also known as the 3B1, or the 7300 PC and is very closely
related to the Convergent miniframe)

they are in use.

this posting is being generated on a 3b1.
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