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> Hi,
>   I just got my UNIX PC. After I reformat the HD, I tried to install
> the system and foundation disk into the HD. But I can not find the 
> C compiler in my HD. Why? There is a disk (Termifo DataBase Disk)
> can not be read when I tried to install. Is that a problem?
>   Thanks for help and wish everyone have a nice day!!!
>   Hui-Huang

The C compiler is on another set of diskettes called the Development Set,
if you don't have these, I think GCC can be found on the OSU archives.

Also, the terminfo database diskette can be loaded from the INSTALL
admin window under the Update TERMINFO database line. You will need
to load the TERMINFO End User set first.

The Terminfo Database diskette is really just that a database not and
application or utility.


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