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Mon May 20 14:56:08 AEST 1991

In article <1991May18.155116.22200 at>, templon at (jeffrey templon) writes:
> Speaking of which, what is PLAN 9 (other than the original Unix guys'
> next unix.)  Where can I get more info about it?  Why does noone

...and not quite unix.  Let me reffer for to a recent article in Unix
World called (I think) Plan 9 From Outer Space (just like the movie).
Unfortunatelly, I do not have the article handy to give you more details 
'cept it was still in this year' issue.

> on this group talk about getting a Plan 9 port to the 3b1 instead
> of a Mach port or minix port or whatever.

Reasons are many, and they will be obvious to you after you read the article,
but two should be enough to quote here;  first, it is a multiprocessor/network
OS with servers for files, compute needs, etc.  The other is that it's being
kept under covers, and if I remember right; it's not even yet made available
to academia.

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