term files for nroff under 3.5 dev. system

David R. Mayne david at wmms.UUCP
Fri May 10 12:01:30 AEST 1991

How, if possible, do I create my own custom term files for
nroff on the 3b1 under os 3.5, develop 3.5? The compiled
tab* files are in /usr/lib/term under 3.5, but there is no mention
in 3.5 docs, or any clue that I can find on making these files.

On another point: In Gnu groff, is it possible to use dot-matrix
printers with some form of driver for output devices, and will the
current macro packages (mm,mt,man,etc) work with groff ?

Any hints or suggestions would be quite appreciated.


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