more on the HFC saga

David Burris burris at highspl
Sun May 19 00:00:28 AEST 1991

>From article <1991May16.184350.27211 at ingres.Ingres.COM>, by daveb at Ingres.COM (Dave Brower):
> In article <2793 at public.BTR.COM>, thad at public.BTR.COM (Thaddeus P. Floryan) writes:
>>Recent private conversations with "people who should know" (:-) have elicited
>>the info that HFC on *INPUT* is *NOT* implemented in *ANY* kernel that CT has
> Is there a chance that replacement tty drivers could make HFC work, or
> would it be done somewhere else?

Does anyone have the source code for the existing drivers? Also,
does the HARDWARE support HFC on input? Or more simply, are both the
RTS & CTS lines connected to the RS-232 and the UART? I'm
considering "hacking" up a device driver that uses both input and
output HFC. I simply CAN'T STAND not being able to use 19200 to talk
to a modem that cost half as much as my 7300.

I will be happy to make the driver public domain after it has been
tested, assuming of course I get it working.

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