unix-pc rmgroup due next week

Tom Tkacik CS/50 tkacik at hobbes.cs.gmr.com
Mon May 13 22:11:39 AEST 1991

In article <100166 at becker.UUCP>, bdb at becker.UUCP (Bruce D. Becker) writes:
|> In article <1991May10.194046.19312 at bagend.uucp> jan at bagend.uucp (Jan
Isley) writes:
|> |Remember the vote, folks?
|> |
|> |Per the vote, next week there will be another round of newgroup
|> |control messages for comp.sys.3b1 and comp.sources.3b1, followed
|> |by rmgroup control messages for the unix-pc groups.
|> 	I've decided not to rmgroup these, in
|> 	case there's still folks who for some
|> 	reason wish to use them, for whatever
|> 	reasons they might have...

I think that is mistake.  The only reason for using them is to talk about
the unix-pc.  Since that is now done with comp.*.3b1, there is no reason to
keep the groups.  The only use they will get is the occasional pc unix
question.  They probably will not get their questions answered, as there will
be few people reading those groups.  There are already groups for that,
and keeping the unix-pc groups will only confuse those new readers.

Tom Tkacik
GM Research Labs
tkacik at hobbes.cs.gmr.com
tkacik at kyzyl.mi.org

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