v42bis 2400baud at 960cps throughput!!!

Steve Urich beyo at beyonet.UUCP
Wed May 15 17:11:44 AEST 1991

	Here is an interesting bit of modemania! 

	My friend and I uucp with our 3b1's. He uses the 3.5 and I use
	3.51m. He has a multitech modem with v42bis fixed link rate at
	9600. I have a T2500 at 19200 :-). He discovered how to switch
	from UUCP G protocol to E protocol. Boy what a difference in 

	His throughput jumped from an approx avg. 200-226 to 317-960cps.
	My throughput jumped also the same.
	Not bad with a connect rate of only 2400 baud. The compression
	was really working. Even with compressed files it really works

	G protocol looks like x-modem on the RD & SD modem LED's.
	E protocol looks like z-modem where the SD working at the TX'ing
	modem and RD working on the RX'ing modem.

	To enter the change to the protocol you must add ',eg' to the
	end of the Devices prefix: 


	ACUM24,eg     tty000 

	Thats it! However you must be using a error detection modem or
	you will have problems.

	Does anyone know why this works and what would happen if you
	change the ',eg' to ',ee' or ',ge'???

						WB3FTP @
					wells!beyonet!beyo at dsinc.dsi.com

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