Update - trying to get HFC to work at 19200

Marc Weinstein mhw at fithp
Sun May 19 04:08:38 AEST 1991

>From article <1991May16.015104.21908 at ceilidh.beartrack.com>, by dnichols at ceilidh.beartrack.com (DoN Nichols):
> In article <1991May14.232222.9790 at fithp> mhw at fithp (Marc Weinstein) writes:
>>I discovered that my posting looked fine on my machine, AND fine on my
>>news neighbor's machine.  We talk via 9600 baud V.42bis.  However, it was
>> ...
>>My guess is the lack of HFC garbled the article, but not badly enough for
>>the unbatcher to get confused.
> 	So, what did the rest of the article say?

Actually, what was posted then no longer applies.  Take a look at the
more recent postings.

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