v42bis 2400baud at 960cps throughput!!!

David Burris burris at highspl
Thu May 16 22:34:46 AEST 1991

>From article <159 at beyonet.UUCP>, by beyo at beyonet.UUCP (Steve Urich):
> 	My friend and I uucp with our 3b1's. He uses the 3.5 and I use
> 	3.51m. He has a multitech modem with v42bis fixed link rate at
> 	9600. I have a T2500 at 19200 :-). He discovered how to switch
> 	from UUCP G protocol to E protocol. Boy what a difference in 
> 	thoughput!  
> 	His throughput jumped from an approx avg. 200-226 to 317-960cps.
> 	My throughput jumped also the same.

You BETTER have hardware flow control working using the 'e' protocol
or you WILL lose data.

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