DWB 3.2 Availability

Bruce Lilly bruce at balilly
Fri May 3 09:08:25 AEST 1991

[ comp.sys.3b1 added to Newsgroups in the hope of garnering more support ]

In article <1991Apr30.193527.11981 at cbnewsl.att.com> npn at cbnewsl.att.com (nils-peter.nelson) writes:
>We have completed DWB 3.2 development and testing.
>Source will be available from USL, probably in late June.
>In a lightning turnaround, AT&T Computer Systems will be
>making binaries available for the 3B2, 6386 and System 7000
>in May, thus leapfrogging the 3.1 release they had planned
>to make. Abstract is below. Follow-ups to the net or to
>npn at mhpo.att.com.

Any chance of binaries for the AT&T 3B1 (a.k.a. 7300)?

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