Query: Any PD X10 Software?

Bruce Lilly bruce at balilly
Fri May 10 12:54:06 AEST 1991

In article <1991May8.211516.18379 at nas.nasa.gov> seeba at sun206.nas.nasa.gov (Thomas D. Seeba) writes:
>In article <1991May7.222526.9799 at blilly.UUCP>, bruce at balilly (Bruce
>Lilly) writes:
>|> I think that it's available on system "conexch" (consult the nixpub
>|> listings).                             ^^^^^^^               ^^^^^^
>Do we have a complete address for this "conexch" system - and what/where are
>the "nixpub" listings?

nixpub> >From: nixpub at lgnp1.LS.COM (Nixpub Coordinator)
nixpub> Newsgroups: pubnet.nixpub,comp.misc,alt.bbs
nixpub> Subject: Nixpub Posting
nixpub> Message-ID: <5412 at lgnp1.LS.COM>
nixpub> Date: 30 Apr 90 01:01:26 GMT

OK, so this one's a year old. Check your local archives.

nixpub> Followup-To: pubnet.nixpub
nixpub> Organization: Lagniappe Systems [Doylestown PA]
nixpub> Lines: 449
nixpub>                           nixpub long listing
nixpub>      Open Access UNIX (*NIX) Sites [Fee / No Fee] for mapped sites only
nixpub>                            [ April 29, 1990 ]
nixpub> Systems listed (75):
nixpub>  [   agora     alphacm   althea    amazing   anet      bigtex    bucket    ]
nixpub>  [   chinet    cinnet    compnect  conexch   contact   cpro      cruzio    ]
nixpub>  [   dasys1    ddsw1     dhw68k    disk      eklektik  esfenn    gagme     ]
nixpub>  [   gensis    grebyn    i-core    igloo     jack      jdyx      lgnp1     ]
nixpub>  [   loft386   lunapark  m-net     m2xenix   madnix    magpie    marob     ]
nixpub>  [   medsys    ncoast    netcom    nstar     nuchat    nucleas   oldcolo   ]
nixpub>  [   ozdaltx   pallas    pnet01    pnet12    pnet51    point     polari    ]
nixpub>  [   portal    quack     raider    rtmvax    sactoh    sir-alan  sixhub    ]
nixpub>  [   stanton   stb       sugar     telly     tmsoft    tnl       turnkey   ]
nixpub>  [   usource   uuwest    vpnet     wb3ffv    well      wet       wolves    ]
nixpub>  [   world     wybbs     xroads    ziebmef   zorch                         ]
nixpub> Last                                                                     
nixpub> Contact                                                           
nixpub> Date   Telephone #    Sys-name    Location                Baud        Hours
nixpub> -----  ------------   --------    -----------             -------     -----

[ ... ]

nixpub> 05/89  714-842-5851   conexch     Santa Ana           CA  3/12/24  24
nixpub>   386 - SCO Xenix - Free Unix guest login and PC-DOS bbs login, one
nixpub>   hour inital time limit, USENET news, shell access granted on request &
nixpub>   $25/quarter donation.  Anon uucp: ogin: nuucp  NO PASSWD.  List of
nixpub>   available Unix files resides in /usr3/public/FILES.

[ ... ]

nixpub> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
nixpub> NOTE:  ^ means the site is reachable using PC Pursuit.
nixpub> ===========================================================================
nixpub> This list is maintained by Phil Eschallier on lgnp1.  Any additions,
nixpub> deletions, or corrections should be sent to one of the addresses below.
nixpub> The nixpub listings are kept as current as possible.  However, you use this
nixpub> data at your own risk and cost -- all standard disclaimers apply!!!
nixpub> ------
nixpub>       Lists available from lgnp1 via anonomous uucp.
nixpub>                             +1 215 348 9727 [Telebit access]
nixpub>                      login: nuucp  NO PWD   [no rmail permitted]
nixpub>                  this list: /usr/spool/uucppublic/nixpub
nixpub>                 short list: /usr/spool/uucppublic/nixpub.short
nixpub>       or from news groups pubnet.nixpub, comp.misc or alt.bbs.
nixpub> ------
nixpub> E-MAIL ...
nixpub>   uucp: ..!uunet!lgnp1!{ phil | nixpub }
nixpub> domain: { phil | nixpub }@LS.COM
nixpub>    CIS: 71076,1576
nixpub> ===========================================================================
nixpub>   COMPAQ, IBM, PC Pursuit, [SCO] XENIX, UNIX, etc. are trademarks of the
nixpub>   respective companies.
	Bruce Lilly		blilly!balilly!bruce at sonyd1.Broadcast.Sony.COM

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