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Wed May 1 09:53:30 AEST 1991

In article <raj.672945668 at utopia> raj at (Ross A. Jekel;;;772-4870;ATRajT Unix PC) writes:
>	I'm compiling, or rather have compiled, TeX 3.14 and
>METAFONT 2.7 on my Unix-PC.  I got the medium TeX change files
>from Andy off the network and have a runable TeX of about
>2.0 meg.  (The size command gives me the breakdown of
>about 170000 (text) + 80 (data) + 1800000 (bss) + 0 (lib)).
>	My problem is that the code for implimenting the
>edit option when there is an error in the .tex file uses
>a system(command) call, where command contains the

	[ ... ]
>I think that the system call fails because fork makes
>an exact copy of the program that calls fork and that my

>machine just doesn't have the memory or swap space to give
>that much memory out to another process. (Which is logical

	Have you tried increasing the swap space?  As long as a single
process doesn't take more than 4MB, you should be able to do the fork().
(Increasing the swap space as an afterthought can be a pain, since you have
to back up everything (and don't forget that the backup under UA skips the
foundation set, and any file which is timestamped as being older than the
install date of the foundation set), then you re-format using the improved
diagnostic disk from osu-cis, in expert mode.

	Good Luck
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