Help: my disk crashed or is corrupted - best way to recover?

David Munroe dmunroe at copper.WR.TEK.COM
Tue May 21 05:27:43 AEST 1991

This morning my system ('safari') got a DMA panic and I pressed reset to reboot
(I've had to do this about once every few months with no ill effects) but this
time the system couldn't read very far on the hard disk: the boot-up software
displays about a half dozen asterisks and then announces it's going to try
booting off a floppy.

How can I determine if the hard disk is readable?  If I boot up from floppy,
what is the proper way to attempt to mount the hard disk?  If the mount fails,
what other methods can I try to read information off the disk?  I have backups,
but there's always stuff that hasn't gotten backed up yet (natch).  The disk
is a 67 MB Miniscribe.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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