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In article <1991May24.220705.14489 at blilly.UUCP> bruce at balilly (Bruce Lilly) writes:
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>>	Since the ethernet interface is also a source of interrupts, (I
>Just out of curiosity, do you have SQE enabled or disabled on your MAU (or
>AUI, depending on which acronym-of-the-week club you prefer)?

	If that translates to the ethernet transceiver connected to the
thick-wire cable, it is disabled on every one on my net.  As I understand,
it is used for some systems (e.g. DEC) which are unhappy if it is not
present, (they call it a heartbeat).  Since I have no system which says that
it requires the SQE, I saw no reason to add unnecessary packets to any part
of the system.  (Does it propigate through the net, or is it only back down
the DB-15 cable to the ethernet card in the system.

	I also have trailers enabled on everything, since nothing is
allergic to them.

	System consists of (at present) two active UNIX-PCs (one 7300, one
3b1), one Tektronix 6130, and one Sun 2/120.  Both the Tektronix and the Sun
are running BSD4.2-derived code, so the WillGoWrong software should be right
at home. :-)

	If I need 19200 with HFC, I guess I'll try moving the TrailBlazer to
the Sun.  Maybe it can handle it.  Same cpu, same clock speed, a bit faster
on the dhrystones, perhaps a more intelligent serial card.
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