Mgr hack progress report

David B. Thomas dt at
Wed May 15 16:36:43 AEST 1991

Well, I'm a little behind schedule with this stuff, but the you must remember

	Hofstadter's Law:  It always takes longer than you expect,
	even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

I now have a version of mgr up and running that blanks the screen automatically
after 5 minutes of no kb/mouse activity, and wakes on any kb/mouse move or any
window being beeped or created.  So far so good.  I even added a
"blank screen" item to the main menu, so you can blank instanly if you are
so inclined.  Careful taking your hand off the mouse, though, or it wakes
right back up!  Gotta do something about that.... :-)

The next step is to add an escape sequence so you can control the blanking
behavior from software.  Also, right now if you use a keypress to wake it
up, the keypress is still transmitted to the current window.  I'd like to
turn that off or make it optional.  I like hitting the space bar to wake up
my screen, without having to worry that some application was waiting at a
"press space bar to confirm remove all files:" prompt!

I've applied many changes, but it's only to a few files, so the diffs should
be pretty manageable.  When it's stable, I'll post.

After this, I'm going to do the bitblits in assembler.  That will really
speed things up!

						little david
Unix is not your mother.

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