Failure of iswind()

Scott Ballantyne sdb%hotmomma at
Mon May 27 01:36:43 AEST 1991

>>>>> On 25 May 91 04:01:52 GMT, dnichols at (DoN Nichols) said:

DoN> 	Yes, it happens when logged in to a tty port.  I presume that
DoN> it could happen via the OBM as well.  Iswind() must be quite
DoN> brain-damaged.  I added code to my first copy of klondike to
DoN> check if /dev/tty = w? to avoid this, but that is a kluge.

>Isn't this some bizarre sort of security hole?!?

DoN> 	At least a denial-of-service one.  Maybe we need to rewrite iswind().

I find the WIOCGETD ioctl works well for determining whether or not
you are actually on a bitmap.  iswind () has never worked for me :-(


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